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Saturday was a beautiful day with clear skies here are around Augusta. . . unfortunately the visibility also allowed the ducks to fly in the stratosphere. I saw several large flocks of flying mallards and several buffleheads on the water but all were severely out of range.

Wanted to additionally mention that I saw about 50 Canadians but with all my honkin' they didn't even look my way. . . guess I need to practice sounding more like a goose.

Did have one smaller flock land just outside of the decoys and was able to bag one really nice drake mallard. . . not bad for 5 hours work! :)

Also, went down on the Kennebec in the afternoon and sat until dark. Saw two blacks and a group of about 10 mallards fly by at warp speed. Didn't even have time to set my coffe down and they were gone. . . oh well. . . guess that is why they call it hunting and not finding.

Should additionally mention that I saw 4 deer swimming across the lake! What an incredible sight. . . man do they get smart as deer season comes to an end.
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