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What call should I buy?

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I hunt in either a small swamp or a large lake. The swamp is mostly mallards, wood ducks, black ducks while the lake is mallards, black ducks, ring necks. What kind of duck call should I buy? Thanks
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Try Duck Commander. I use them and I think they sound good. :thumbsup:
First off, :welcome: aboard Jambruins!

But you may want to raise this question in the duck calling forum....

Mabey even a Mod will help you move it there :thumbsup:
Buck Gardner calls are good yet inexpensive. I like the double nasty 2. The H&S billcollectors are good sounding calls for the money too.
:withstupid: Duck Commander :thumbsup:
AlaskaRedneK said:
First off, :welcome: aboard Jambruins!

But you may want to raise this question in the duck calling forum....

Mabey even a Mod will help you move it there :thumbsup:
absolutely! i think you'll get a lot better response there.
:welcome: to dhc. i like the primos fusion call.
Welcome!!!! :welcome:

First off, you didn't mention a price range that you would like to tryto stay within...and we all know how expensive friggin' calls can get. (ehem..did you want both legs..or just the right one??)

now here is the REAL problem...everyone has already mentioned a bunch of great calls and i could add a few more. the best advice i could giver you is to get out and blow as many of the calls already listed here and find one you like and you feel will fit your needs.

The great thing about calls is that there is one out there for everyone, but not one specific call that will work FOR everyone. if you get my meaning. the calls that i think are great you may end up thinking are worthless. to each their own.

good luck in your search..and welcome again.

First before I feel comfortable recomending some thing I need more information.
Are you a beginer caller? or are you a guy that has been calling for a while and wants to step up the game a little.

What have you been blowing if anything? What are your likes and dislikes about it.

What is your comitment to learning? Are you willing to practice a lot and work at it or do you want something that comes a little easier.

What is your price range?

Once again it is good to have you here.
I would go with an RNT. Since you hunt some big water you want to make sure your call can reach out and real em in, but still get soft and ducky at the same time. If you dont mind spending the money buy an Original if money is an issue get a Quakhead. Its the hands down best call for the money out there ($25). Good luck and shoot strait!!
Primos PHAT lady and Yo sista are great calls but all listed above will do you well.
Personaly I like the buckgardner Tall Timber 2 and the Double Nasty 2, they are both really good sounding calls and there relatively cheap.
Where are the ducks in Texas? Thanks for the support on the calls. Have you tried our new Spit-Tech Acrylic line. They have the duck built in and are like an insurance policy. YOu never have to worry about your call sticking again.
i see them all over the place in a line between dallas and lake texoma
u like cheap in expensive calls i got two that for the prices u cant go wrong and u will like, get the single read billcollector and a double nasty II
If you like the Double Nasty II then you will readly like our new Spit-Tech Acrylic Double Nasty. It is guarenteed to blow WET and has built in duck. go to and check out the sound files
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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