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What do you camo your blind in vs what cover your blind's in

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I have seen alot of crazy camo schemes for blinds. Some are brilliant others you drive by saying, "What are they thinking?" What is the best camo you have seen on a blind to make it virtually invisable where it would fool the most alert human and the competition's (hopefully) neon lighted, discotech of a sore thumb blind :eek: .

For me we started using the traditional evergreen branches out in the Upper Mississippi backwaters back in the 70's. Then either the ducks got smarter or I got more paranoid. I began realizing that there were no pines around me and the birds were not finishing as well. We switched to willow branches which matched our willow bars. They inturn fell off and you needed more and more and more. We then went to Oak branches because they don't loose there leaves after being trimmed. We have now started using the end all be all of camo for buck brush hunters. Russian Thistle or tumbleweed. It makes our boat blinds and fixed blinds virtually invisible when hunting in buckbrush. Where does an Iowa boy get tumble weed in the cornfield. That's top secret. Be carefull using Russian thistle as it is a noxious weed in some states and it sticks you if you do not where gloves. We like to use some softer stuff on the shooting holes.
The worst blind was a guy that camo'd his boat blind with artificial christmas tree limbs. The only problem was he didn't remove some of the tinsel. I kept wondering what was glaring down the lake. He stuck out so bad he might as well have been holding a sign saying, " :welcome: "
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We use oak branches and cane.
Nope obion backwaters, we're set up on the edge of the woods.
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