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What good is turkey season when...

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When you see one turkey flying away after you've done all that you can to sneak into position, but then see waterfowl galor? When I was walking into my buddy's woods I passed his pond. I flushed two woodies. As I sat down @ my first calling position, six Canada geese flew over. I called & called; no turkey. As I was going to the other position four more geese flew over. I sat down, called. 15 mins later the old tom flew from his roost, going the way I had left (of course), never to be seen again that morning. Not long after, two more geese flew over top of me, right in gunning range. They landed in a field not far from the meadow that I was facing.
I guess that I can take two things away from this past Saturday: 1) there's another turkey that I can hunt next Saturday. 2) I can check out that other field next September. Other than those silver linings, I can't think of anything else.
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Been there done that! Last Friday at Stockton Lake Missouri, my buddy and I got our Toms together, a double. While beaching the boat at various times I saw Blue wing teal, geese and LOTS of woodies. I almost stepped on three of them. I was amaised out how tight they stuck when we beached the boat in some downed trees. Scared the crap outa me when they flushed! They acted like quail.
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