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What is the limit in your state?

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What is the limits in your state for duck,geese etc
Montana you can shoot 7 geese a day and 7 mallards 2 can be hens.

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7 ducks here in WA. only two hen mallards.

4 geese, geese can only be taken wednesdays weekends and holidays.
Ya need a laptop to keep track around here, but, here it is...Mississippi

Total of 6 ducks, with no more than 4 mallards ( no more than wich 2 may be females, 3 mottled ducks, 3 scaup, 1 pintail, 1 canvasback, 1 blackduck, 2 wood ducks, and 2 redheads. 5 mergansers, only one may be a hooded merganser.
Ducks(except pintails and cans)Nov. 26-Nov.28, Dec.4-Dec.24, Dec.26-Jan.30
Pintails and cans, Jan.1-Jan30.
Geese, Canada-Nov.17-Nov.28, Dec.4-Jan30.
Geese, Snow, Blue, Ross, White Fronted, Nov.6-Nov.28, Dec.4-Jan30.

Youth Waterfowl Days, Feb.5-6

Hope Y'all can figuare that out :salude:
I'd have to Write you a book on PA's limits.

Ducks, 6, no more then 4 mallards, 2 of which can be hens.1 black duck, 1 pintail, 1 mottled, 1 fulvous tree duck, 2 woodducks, 2 redheads, 1 canvasback, 4 scoters, 3 scaup.

Canada Geese, Depends on which part of the state you are in and what time of the year it is!
Atlantic Brant, 2 aday

Snow Geese, 15 a day
6 duck more than 4 can be mallards and of that only 1 can be a hen mallard.
Those limits you posted only apply in the Pacific Flyway. In the central flyway it is 4 dark geese, 5 light geese and 6 ducks (which 5 can be mallards but only 2 hens)

WA- 7 ducks only 2 hen mallards, 1 pintail,1 can,2 redheads, 2oldsquaw and 1 harlaquin per season
geese 3-4 depending where you hunt on west side only saturdays after you pass a class and a test proving you can tell the difference between the different sub-spieces of canada geese
Here in South Dakota its 6 ducks and 3 canada geese.
Canada Goose (Early Statewide season) Sept. 10 - Sept. 25 - 8 per day

Canada Goose (Late seasons) Nov. 24 - Nov. 28, Dec. 17- Feb. 4,
Feb. 7 - Feb. 21 - 5 per day

Ducks (excludingSea Ducks, Pintails,and Canvasbacks) Nov. 24 - Nov. 28, Dec. 17 - Jan. 30 - 6 per day (not to include more than 2 Wood Ducks, 2 Redheads, 1 Fulvous Tree Duck, 1 Black-bellied whistling duck, 3 Scaup, 4 Mallards [not to include more than 1 female Mallard and 1 Black Duck or 1 Mottled Duck].) :thumbsup:
Sorry nemont I did not specify.
SCoutdoorsman said:
Feb. 7 - Feb. 2 - 5 per day

UM, How can you hunt Backwards in Time?

az-7 ducks

Woodywoodduck said:
SCoutdoorsman said:
Feb. 7 - Feb. 2 - 5 per day

UM, How can you hunt Backwards in Time?

Ok Mr. nothing gets by me :hammering: It suppose to be the 21st. I will fix it for you :thumbsup:
4 Ducks,only 2 can be hen mallards.One black duck or 2 woodies that are part of the 4 bird limit.2 geese7 seaducks,but not more than 5 Eider or 4 Scoter.
The black duck rule sucks because we have tons of them,in fact the Canadian provinces to the north of us can shoot 5 of them!
Maryland 5 ducks of which 4 can be mallards and max 2 hens, 2 woods, 2 reds, 1 black ect to 1 of everything else not to excede an total of any or 5 of anything.

Geese is 8 residents in the early 9/1 -9/25 and 5 in the late season October - Feb 15 with a break for deer gun season or else we moght not kill any deer, I guess. :yes:
6 total

4 mallards (one hen)
3 scaup
2 wood ducks
2 redheads
1 black
1 pintail (short season)
1 can (short season)

in addition, 5 merg's (one hooded)

5- early and late season honkers
2 -regular season honkers
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6 Ducks,
4 mallards(no more than one hen)
1 Black Duck
2 Wood Ducks
1 Pintail (Jan 1-30)
1 Canvasback ( Jan 1-30)
3 Scaup
2 Redheads

15 Coots and Gallinules
5 Mergansers ( only 1 hooded merganser)
25 Virginia and Sora rails

White-front geese - 2
Blue, Snow, & Ross' Geese - 20
Brant - 2
Canada Geese - 2

I think that's about it. :salude:
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7 ducks in utah from early Oct. to Mid Jan. Restrictions are no more than two redheads, four bills,one can ( durring can season) two hen mallards, one pintail
(durring the split pintail season) in your limit of seven. I think that covers it.

I know we can kill 30 ducks or wood ducks in th eearly seaon and 20 in the laete manly only GREENHEADS
Man I feel lucky to be able to shoot 7 ducks (7 greenies) and 4 geese in washington.
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