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There's alot of ways you could go at this. For one thing, if they are already working you might want to try not calling. Or what I do and have found very effective is to sound like more than one duck. Give em a few high pitched fast quacks to sound like a young hen, then give em some deep longer quacks to imitate an old mature hen, then try and blow about a medium quack(not high pitched but not low either) throw in a few feed chuckles, but most importantly. Sound like more than one duck. When you do this it will sound like a bunch of ducks communicating. Another thing not to do is overcall. I'm bad about doing this. If the ducks are makin alot of noise, then call more, if they are being quiet, you be quiet. Also, don't call when they are right over the top of you, it might scare em, let em get out a little ways first then call to em. Hope this helps, just my .02 :salude:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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