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What you been catching?

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Here is the 8 pounder that I've got hangin on the wall right now. I caught her last April on a buzzbait. She was all out of eggs, so she would have been a little heavier. She was a bucketmouth, though, and my biggest bass to date.

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She looks good, thanks for sharing it.

Bass/Brim mainly have not gone as much as I like but hope to get some more to have some more fish fries soon.
thats a nice fish. ive been mostly catching small mouth bass. my biggest bass is 3 lbs.
nice fish ga! :thumbsup:
northern pike, 3/8 0z black buck tale jig :thumbsup:
Crappie, Walley, whites, whiper's, small mouth and some HUGE hybrid red ear's sunfish/perch.
I havnt gone out this year..... no time, Id rather spend my time at work makin money so I can get duck hunting stuff, and of course truck parts (like duct tape :thumbsup: )

Unless you count ice fishin.......
What are whipers? :help:
gahunter said:
What are whipers? :help:
Combo between a white Bass and a striper. I believe. I caught a lot of them as a kid in a lake in Oklahoma. strong fighting things. You can have a lot of fun catching 2 pounders all day long.
That Lake was probably Grand Lake. Full of them. They do fight very hard. We use ultra-lite gear when fishing for the crappie, small mouth etc.. The white bass and whipers feed on the same type of baits and you never know what you'll get. 2 weeks ago I broke my ultr-lite trout rod on a 2 pound whiper. He fought like a 10 pound black bass. They're a blast to catch.
Combo between a white Bass and a striper.
Ace, would that fish have long legs and dance on a pole too? :toofunny:

I thought It was interesting, thats all......
Stouff sometimes I think you need to live somewhere that the constant sunlight doesn't continue to effect you.
Thanks for the concern Hunt, but Im doin fine........ I think :mrgreen:

my buddy catched this one Sat.
AlaskaRedneK said:
Ace, would that fish have long legs and dance on a pole too? :toofunny:

Damn, here we go again. That was very funny. The worst thing about those kind of "stripers" is that theres no place to put the dollar bill.

You know that would be one ugly mermaid.
Ahahahh ahhah ahhaha

But so I dont

this, I hear the kings are a comin in down in the Kenai..... :smile:

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Those there "whipers" as you call'em ain't nothing but good old hybrids. Around here a mix between white and striped bass are called hybrids. YOu are right, those are some hard fighting sumbitches. :salude:
Y'all need to come down to Oregon and fish with the real boys. Also you can go up to Alaska too. You think that an 8lb bass is fun? Try the fight with a 35lb river chinook. It will kick your butt.
You don't have to convince me of anything. I would love to come up there and tangle with some real monsters. :thumbsup:
it's all in the style. You don't bass fish the way you chinook fish. You oregon boys may also bass fish diff. than us down here.

it's a southern thang
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