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Just to let any of you folks that live up here in the area that we have recently formed a new chapter of the Waterfowl Association.

We meet the first Tuesday of the month at the Tennant Lake Interpretive center in Ferndale at 7pm.

There has been a dedicated group of waterfowlers up here for a long time doing clean-up parties, conservation projects and many other items helping the WDFW.

We recently had a booth at the Brant festival at Semiahmoo, we also have scheduled to help the WDFW with the swan necropsies this coming week. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved so if interested drop me a PM or email or just reply back to this thread. We also have a wood duck box building party coming up with a bbq and possibabally will have someone on site conducting a taxidermy mount. One more thing, this upcoming May meeting we have a region 4 WDFW biologist coming to speak at the meeting about the local area waterfowl and will be giving a brief synopsis of the birds etc. etc.
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