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whats better

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whats better 4 hunting in fields and on river banks full bodys shells or silhouettes and what brand
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Mix them up, fulls, some silos and a few shells. different brands, keep your number of sentries down. Are you carrying in or hauling? Carrying you need your best looking ones. Hauling in vehicle you can bring in a lot.
fowlplay said:
will the birds flare whith the giant shells by g&h and the smaller herters and how much smaller r the lessers 2 normal sizes and what exactly r sentrys
Sentries are the geese, or decoys, that you see with the upright heads-they're lookouts. The more there are, the more alert the geese are (real ones). With decoys you want as few as possible to fool the real ones into thinking it's safe to land. On the feeders, many brands allow you to point the head towards the back of the body to simulate a sleeping goose. Makes the real ones even more comfortable. Of course none of this works if you aren't well hidden, or move when they're looking, or if the call that sounds so good in the truck is actually a warning call, or if they don't want to land where you want them to.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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