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whats the best way to try a lab 4 huntig ducks

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lookin 4 ways to train my dog 4 ducks lookin 4 ideas please
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'Force Fetch' - Just do it, theres all this you should or you shouldnt id say every hunting dog should be. They may hate it, but to have a retrieve to hand its a must.

the biggest thing for you and your dog now is patience and re-enforcing good habits. people will recommend FORCE FETCHING to correct this problem.....and yes, that will work. i highly recommend that you DO NOT force train a dog under 2 years old. you run the risk of totally ruining an otherwise competent hunting dog.
at the kennel i work at most dogs that come in between the ages of 8 months to a year and everyone of them gets force fetched during the 10 week program

My Lab will be 9 months old by duck opener and will have a retrieve to hand. By the end of April or into May (when he gets done teething) he will be in 'bird and gun program' and by June/July he will be in intermediate program and hunting by Sept. Later on will go through Advance training. And yes i will force fetch my dog.

Our FF sticks are 14" 1/4" pvc pipe with 4"x4" plastic ends about inch in on either side. Works perfectly and cheap.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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