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when does the season start this year

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hey quick question when does waterfowl season begin and end for the 2005-2006 season :salude:
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October 19-jan 31
I'm looking at my calander and the 19th of October is a Wednesday. I would think that maybe the 15th of October would be more of a realistic date (I don't have anything to back that date up with, just a hunch).
Robberwood said:
October 19-jan 31
This isn't definate, they are looking at having a liberal season like last years 107 day/ 7 bird. However. just read about the numbers for birds and they are all messed up, mallards down significantly so this is probably not the way it will go. My guess would be a little shorter, same limit.
I called the Yakima fish and game office the other day and they still haven't even met yet to discuss numbers, or dates. Said it may be awhile before they have any answers . :thumbsdown:
i think it is going till the 30th of jan
Just read on the Washington fish and game page that the season starts the 15th of October and runs through the end of January.
may want to read it a bit closer so ya wont be hunting during the split.

Waterfowl hunters will have seasons similar to last year, based on relatively stable duck and goose populations and federal guidelines.

Duck hunting season will run Oct. 15-19 and Oct. 22 - Jan. 29. Pintails, which have increased in numbers, are included in that 107-day season this year; in past years, pintails have been restricted to shorter seasons. Canvasbacks are the exception this year, restricted to a Dec. 1 - Jan. 29 season due to declines in their numbers. Scaup populations are down slightly so the daily bag and possession limits have changed from four and eight to three and six.

Goose hunting seasons vary by management areas across the state, but most open Oct. 15 and run into January. Adjustments due to population changes include reductions in cackling goose and Pacific brant bag limits, and increases in snow geese bag limits.

Steve Pozzanghera, deputy assistant director for WDFW's wildlife program, noted that a one day per week extension of the southwest Washington Canada goose season was made possible by legislative funding sponsored by Rep. Brian Blake to cover the cost of check stations required to monitor dusky goose harvest.

The Commission approved amendments to nontoxic shot requirements to reflect federal allowances for new nontoxic shot types, and updated boundary descriptions for waterfowl reserves and closures.

Complete waterfowl hunting rules will be available in pamphlet form and on the WDFW website ( ) later this month.
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Otto, I did see the split dates and I probably should have included them, I was just trying to capture general opener and closing. Thanks for bringing the split up, you can never be to sure. Thanks again. :thumbsup:
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