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when to start lab on birds

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i have a 12 week old lab and wanted to know when i should start throughing a dead bird for her to go get.were can i get a dove or a quil or duck from to start her there a place i can order some. thanks
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i have the movie water dog just wanted to now yall's opinion.those ducks look pretty price and you have to order a bunch not just one or two
i have taught her how to sit ,how to sit on one whistle ,and im working on teaching her how to heal.

thanks gsphunter-but i live down here in florida .
thanks my dog got her leg broke and we have to take her in to get a x ray.
our other dog he is about 100 pounds and my puppy dixe were playing and i guess some how jr our big dog broke her leg there
was a loud pop and she started wyning.we take her in tommorow morning to see if it is broke .
we just got back from the vet it is broke but not all the way through she will have to be in a cage for 3 weeks till it heels .
thanks guys .doc said she should heel up fine because she is a puppy and her bones are growing.
terryg was that a live bird in the pic at 9 weeks old that you shoot?

should i buy a quail wing or should i just teach her right to a live bird ?

is it ok if i buy quail to train her if im going to use her for duck huntnig?

man i want to get back to training her but not for 3 more weeks
1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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