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where r the ducks in north carolina

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i found the coots
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CLUTCHfan said:
I'll sell you my hunting spots for a price. You have a paypal account?
What do you charge?
Preacher1011 said:
Go down the main channel of the river, take a left after the second creek that branches off to the right. Go to the end of the slough then turn around and find the fourth finger north of the 2nd rock that looks like a man humping his dog. Now this part is very important. Do a triple take over your right shoulder, do a loopty loop, and shart your pants. Only then will the secret blind come out of the fog. Mess up there and you'll be sodomized by midgets with golf clubs.

Or you can go scout and find places yourself... and maybe get that English grade up.
HaHa, midgets with golf clubs...Dorf!
Papachessie said:
Botiz630 said:
Is the caddy Steven Wright? That dude's hillarious in concert. Is he even still around? Saw him about 20 years ago, first time I ever saw the M-R-ducks bit. O-S-M-R-2-ducks.

OK jrock, you and chippy can have it back now. :biggrin:
Cant answer that, this was all before my time. I just remember seeing those Dorf videos when I was a kid. Preacher's comment made me remember it. Hilarious stuff.
chip71 said:
any suggestions on how to dock hunt..
Well, dock is pretty close to duck. As you can see, there is only one letters difference between those two words. Therefore, I am led to believe that any tactic used to duck hunt can be used to dock hunt if modified slightly. Try doing everything like normal but with replacing all your U's with O's. I have to believe that this is the answer.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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