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Where's everyone?

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It's sorta dead in here killerfornia guys! Where's everyone at or what's everyone doing. Haven't been here for a while.

Well I've been busy at the range testing new loads for my new custom rifle and patterning my gun for dove and ducks. I found a new load/choke for doves but still working on the ducks. I'm also hitting the skeet range and local sporting clays. I've been doing pretty good hittin em. Also my wife graduated from college and while she's going to over 60 interviews a week i've been spending time with my 4 month son. The striper and sturgeon season is well over for me and theres no salmon season too so my next stop would be at the coast crabbing and camping. I've also been hitting the drag races and drifting events. I still got hunter safety to teach too and gotta take care of my ol' man, he's been sick. Oh and of course I got you guys to talk with. The glenn county fair just went by and that was cool. I hate to mention it but there's also this thing called WORK. Well i pretty much have my hands full UNTIL DUCK SEASON, that's when EVERYTHING is CANCELLED and CALLED OFF. If anyone needs me, I'm at the blind.
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