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You better PM me right quick and explain your actions before I ban you as something is fishy here. If I do not hear from you by this weekend--I'll ban you. Understood?

Primos, you can not use that name without first being a sponsor here and also you would need to send us on a copy of your companies letterhead stating you are who you are due to trademark infringment.
I understand your wanting to defend your CO, but at the same time we have out rules here that EVERYONE needs to follow.

This is from the terms and conditions--
---Duck Hunting Chat does not allow the duplication of a company name or business name as a username. This allows protection from unnecessary Spam in the forums or the risk of any trademark implications. We do have the right to make changes or seek changes if necessary. --

Primos, please contact [email protected] for rates, etc... then you can retain the user name and link on the signature and have a banner ads here too. Otherwise, we need to change you user name and as a regular member, no free advertising or signature links are allowed (This is reserved for sponsors only). PM me as to what you decide.

Thanks for your cooperation gentlmen. :thumbsup:

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Not open for further replies.