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Which shells?

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What should I get a case of guys Winchester expert loads , Kent fast steel or remington nitros? and should i buy them in #1's #2's or BB's (I hunt ducks and geese)

P.S. I dont know if this will help but i shoot a Stoeger Model 2000 cambered in 3 inches.
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Forget the X-pert's there junk!!! I like the Remington's never tried Kent heard alot of good thing,s about them though. I took apart some X-pert shell's lot's of flat spotted shot, different sized stuff low quality IMO
kent fast steel 3 or 3.5 2's. awesome shells
Remington nitros are AWESOME! 3 or 3 1/2 #2(geese) or #4(duck). They are the most expensive of the 3 kinds but the best. Kent fast-steels are great for the price. Love um. winchester x-perts are alright but i would take the other 2 over them.
Wow thanks guys!! Now which one do you shoot the one with the green box or the tan and green box?
You need to buy a box of each and pattern your gun first. All guns shoot differently, even the same guns that look identical. I have seen two 870s bought at the same time pattern better with different loads. My gun patterns best with none of the shells you mentioned. I shoot Federal Ultrashoks 3" 4s. Expert aren't good shells in general.

Buy a box of each and give them a try.

P.S. 3" Winchester Drylok BBBs are awesome outta my gun too.

Remember, speed does kill, but it don't if their is a hole in your pattern big enough for the ducks and geese to squeak through. I patterned my gun and my shots per duck and shot per goose went way up.
The faster the shot is going the less you have to lead the birds. That kent fasteel gets goin. It's cheaper too :yes:
Ive never try'd em, but I think the Kent Fasteels look good.

I used the Remington shells, they work good I guess.

For the 3 1/2's I used Federals.

I agree w/KS, pattern them all out :thumbsup:
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