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Whistle pigs

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What's your tactics for hunting the little buggers? Sitting up against a tree in 90 degree heat and 60 percent hunidity gets old for me and worse for my boy I am trying to train for hunting. I know they stand up for the whistle, but can they be called out or lured out buy noise?
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We're talking about Prairie Dogs right.....I know there's a bunch of different names for them if that's what you are talking about. We hunt them alot around here and I do use a kind of whistle for them but it really doesn't seem to work so when we get out there I usually jsut pop a few shots off at an ant hill or something and that seems to get a few up looking around. Especially in the places where they've never heard a gun before.....they seem to get REAL curious especially when you miss and dust sprays them....they get farther outta their hole to see whats going's halarious. I just use Ruger .22 LR with a 9x13 Winchester scope on them....its fun! Well I hope you're talking about prairie dogs or I just typed that for nothing....oh well! :laughing:
No, Ground hogs. We don't have any prarie dogs around here.
OH...we don't have many ground hogs around here. We do have a few though but I don't really hunt them.
Never been (YET!!)

But I think it would be an awsome experiece :thumbsup:

Early in the morning on a nice warm sunny day and thell be out. They only stay in their burrows for short time after you nail one or miss then the next one takes a look to see whats goin on.
ive killed whistle pigs with a bow. its pretty fun.
how the heck did you manage that? From what I hear, they are very sciddish.

Arn, don't beleive everything you read in those hunting mags there seems to be an awfull lot of BS between the covers on most. They have to make it interesting so people will buy them is why. Also some of that stuff you read in those mags is just that a story/ made up by someone.
We have killed them with a stick by chasing them into their burrow and then standing just behind it and wait for the little bugger to poke his head out then whack lights out for the whistle pig.
My buddy has stuck them with arrows and had them still take his arrow down the hole
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