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Who is interested?

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Trying to find out how many folks were planning on attending the skeet shoot next weekend at Sussex shooting complex. If you had planned on attending on the 22nd please reply so we can make plans accordingly.

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Didn't know about it...

So, I guess I wasn't planning on coming :sad:

- JM
mallardman68 said:
LEWDOG said:
The ball was drop and all planning stop about a month ago , heck it was never said what the cost of the event was going to be . It's a good bet that it's to late to do now with just one day so I am going to plan a weekend with the family doing Easter things . I hope someone picks up the ball and runs with it for another Saturday , maybe next month .

:sad: LD :sad:
You are exactly right LD....but the fumble has been recovered
You know, you do resemble Forest Gump a little!

RUN FOREST RUN!!! :rofl:

Y'all have a great day. Wish I could join you.

- Jimmy
MM, I'd love to come, and could definitely use the practice! Just can't do on Easter weekend. This is the biggest Sunday at church and I need to be on my "A" game - make sure everything is ready to go, including me!

- Jimmy
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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