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Who all is attending the washington waterfowl festival? We'll be camping both days.
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Thats right Chris!!! Cant wait to kick back at the festival with ya. Whoever is there should come hang out with chris (athomeruddy) and me (nick) PM me and ill get u my number and well meet up!
Counting the days till the best weekend all year!
Robberwood :salude:
I dont live close enough to get there. (unless my boss lets me off for a week... like thats gunna hapen! :mrgreen: )

But I'm just curious, when and where is it?
How big is it, and what kind of events do they have there?

stouff~ heres a link, should be a blast.

Get to see Tom Knapp, decoy comps, calling comps, retriever comps, tons of deals on gear, overpriced food, camping and Sam Adams.

Its not too big but it will produce a good crowd.

Its goin to be one heck of a weekend, only opener will beat it! :toofunny:
Im new to the forum, so excuse me for jumping in the middle of your thread, but I ran across the waterfowl festival a few months ago by pure luck on the internet. I've never been before and look forward to it. Sounds like a blast.
wa.duckhunter, the Festival was fun last year and it was in it's infancy. As ruddy said, the attractions will be more numerous. It should be a blast.
Ruddy and I are going to be camping out there if anyone wants to join in for some beverages and kickn back, relaxin after spending some money! :salude: let us know!
Nick and Chris
I will be there. Dont know what time Sat. but plan to be all day Sun.
I will look for yall camping.
I will pm ya my cell

C Dubb
sounds good man, mines 2087618693, anyone can give me a call that weekend.
Anyone hitting the festival, ive got 10 G&H supermag decoys for sale 4 hens, 4 drakes, and 2 pintail. Also size 11 hodgeman duramag max-4 waders. Pm me or find me at the festival in the swap meet. Will trade for GHG decoys or Short reed goose calls.
Sorry guys
Couldnt make it back on Sunday. SOmething came up.
I plan to have a booth next year so stop by.

C Dubb
Nice to meet you on saturday and thanks for the dip. You didnt miss much on sunday except for the rain. Good callin contest on sunday though. Anyways, next year will be fun again.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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