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Why I love kansas

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One reason why I love this state is for its wildlife its parks and the amount of time and money that the state has put in to getting us better places to hunt and to fish. So I really do love the wildlife and appreciate the states effort. Another reason is for its huntin seasons. Just Tuesday,The last day of turkey season, I was set up in a field callin in a big tom ,and would had got the tom if the cows hadn't shown up. And then next day squirrel season opened and I would have gone if it had not been raining. Well yesterday while it was raining I was thinkin about all of our huntin seasons and it has occurred to me that there are only a few day in kansas were you really can't hunt any thing (but rabbits but you can hunt them all year). This in away fascinate now I don't know the other seasons of the other states so I can't say we have the greatest seasons but I can say that I am very satisfied with the seasons the seasons the people and the whole state, and this is the reasons why I love kansas.
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There's a lot of reasons that i love Kansas, and they are the same reasons that i miss Kansas. I miss the people. I grew up in the southwest, went to college in Hutch. Been to K.C. a few time. all across the state the people were/are spectacular. All of my family on my moms side including my mom still live there, in central KS. I miss the Sun Rise and sun sets. I think what i miss the most is when living in the very southwest corner of the state. In the summer afternoons the thunder heads that you could watch develop hundreds of miles away and slowly would make there way to us. By 7 p.m. The storm would be roaring through. Nothing like a good thunder and lightning show at night.

I don't miss the weather all that much. hotter and humider than hell in the summer. Colder than a well diggers you know what. And the wend in the west just killed me.

I hope to make it back this year for a pheasant and Quail/ duck hunt.
Exactly, I plan to live the rest o my days here, and hopfully that's alot. :thumbsup:

Nothing like being able to walk to your favorite hunting grounds. I can leave my vehicle unlocked at night and neighbors help you out after a bad storm. I love this state and the people that live in it. We also get four seasons which is usually a good thing.
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