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Why Not Ithaca?

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I think everyone owned one at one time. These days, I hear so much about the 870, BPS and Benelli Nova.

This year I went back to a pump, after my Browning Gold would occasionally jam and make me crazy. I remember the first gun I ever shot was an Ithaca 37 featherlight. I just remember it feeling so nice and smooth. I did a little research and foud a dealer near me. I picked one up - a 37, 12 gauge. What and awesome gun. It shucks shells so fast that I do not even notice I actually make an effort to pump it. I kill as many birds as the guys with the fancy auto's.

So if you are looking for a really nice pump, that is dependable and as smooth as silk, check out the 37.
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I'm with you Johnny....I have one and have had it about 20 years....bought mainly to get 3" capability and also because it was a set with a Deerslayer rifled barrel....cost was about $300...have shot ALOT of creatures and winged birds/ducks/geese with that gun....I still take it out a couple hunts every season. Never had any issues...although the ease at tearing down for a super cleaning is not particularly easy. My friend had gotten one at about the same time....and he still uses it all the time (he's a lefty)....also, it makes it so much nicer for the guy to my right in a blind/pit due to the bottom ejection!
I have 2 Ithaca Mod 37's, and looking to adding another. I think reason most people don't purchase them is because they claim they have too much recoil, not a long enough chamber, or don't realize they are still in business!

Very light weight, smooth as silk action, and I love the bottom ejection. Granted, my BPS has bottom ejection, but it is a 3 1/2" also.

I try to duck hunt with them every now and then since both have fixed chokes and I have to use 2 3/4" tungsten matrix or bismuth shells. Not cheap.......

If I could have only one pump shotgun, I'd choose an Ithaca hands down.
Nothing swings like an Ithaca.
Why not Ithaca??

I own a new M37 Classic. Wonderfull shotgun, but Customer Service leaves alot to be desired. The M37 Classic was $700 with tax. It was a shotgun I wanted because of fit, feel and the history, so I bought one. But I will Not by another. If I ever do buy another pump, it will be another BPS.
When Ithica filed bankruptcy in the 80's Browning bought the pat. for the bottom eject. I believe the name was sold to a japanese co. The new ones are not the same as the old 37's Ive tried to find a 20 ga. 37 featherweight for years but found a m100 sidexside instead.
I have an ithaca M51. I sent the barrel to Briley and had it choked and fiber optics put on it. It is a great skeet gun. I use it as a backup duck gun or a gun to lend. Since I bought my SBE 2 I have not had to use it. I think it would work well with 2 3/4 hevi shot. It shoots so well I won't get rid of it.
I have an old Ithica Semi-automatic,It comes with a 32 inch barrel and is a 10 guage.I went to see about buying a new semi,I looked at the Sb10(Remington 10 guage)and the actions are exactley the same.The only knock i found was it only comes in a 26inch and 24inch Barrel,Which doesn't feel confortable to me.
I am going to get the new Browning Gold 10 guage semi with the camo,If anyone has one for sale,please let me know
thanks in advance
I was under the impresion that gun was actually made under the Browning patent. Maybe I heared wrong. There is a browning museum here in Utah it is amaizing how many guns were made by other companies under Browning patents. John Browning was a genious in the art of inventing firearms for sure, but I wonder what he would say if he could see the company today. I don't think there is a single one of the Brownings involved. I believe the only mechanical differance between the Ithica and the bps is the slide bars bps has two the ithica has one. They are smooth sliding pump guns.

They could be paying to use the pat. Is the new 37 still a bottom eject. I thought it was a side eject. Browning and USRAC (Winchester) are owned by Gatt. A French company. They are not even owned by a U.S. company anymore.
John M. Browning was the original designer of the Ithaca Mod 37. He designed the shotgun in 1912 (?), Remington manufactured this model (?) that had the bottom eject for a few years (?), then sold the patent to Ithaca Gun Company where they made a few minor changes and started manufacturing in 1937, i.e. Model 37. I'm sure someone has the dates and Models I'm referring too.

It's always had the bottom ejection feature, and the shotgun has virtually remained unchanged except for the no more slam firing, and interchangeable barrels (serial# 885,000 and above) all these years.

Ithaca Gun Company has been in business since the 1880's. Been through some hard times, and different investment groups, but never closed their doors permantly. You don't see alot of Ithaca on the shelves compared to other models. I read an Ithaca article where the company President said they manufactured 7,000 Mod 37's in 2003, and would double production in 2004. Still not a lot of shotguns lets say compared to Remington, but that a 100% increase. Not bad.......

If you do some research, all this information is on other forums from the "Ithaca Guru's" who would be a little more in depth than myself.

They are a very nice and smooth action working shotgun. Most people don't realize they are still in business, or don't get the credit of a fine shotgun that they are......
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like wags said the m 37 was invented by john m browning. the year was 1915 that browning patented the bottom eject shot gun. and like wags said it was first produced by remington. as the model 17 in 20 gauge. i read that ithica picked up the design after the patent ran out. ithica beefed up the design to handle 12 gauge shells and in 1937 came out with the model 37.the next year they came out with a 16 gauge that was the first to be called the feather weight, it weighed 6 pounds.
that is the gun that i wish i had a older 16 gauge.

dates and model #'s were taken from a guns&ammo artical.
I've got a 37 Featherlight, and I dearly love it. The bottom eject is great, it points naturally, and I really like the fact that I can keep my finger on the trigger and just keep pumping until she's empty. The only thing I've done to it is to install a LimbSaver recoil pad. This thing shoots quicker than my buddy's Winchester SuperX2.

This is my 2nd Ithaca. My dad bought me one (a 1973 model) for a graduation present in 1974, and it was stolen a few years later. I ran across this one just by accident a couple of weeks ago, and when I checked the serial # it also turned out to be a '73. Its like Deja Vu all over again.
When I first joined this site I thought I was the only one using an Ithaca. I bought a Springfield Mossberg for my first pump gun when I was 16 and fired 1 shot out of it and the safety fell off of it. I found the parts and took the gun back for a refund and bought an Ithaca Model 37 Feather Weight 12ga mod. choke and fell in love with the way it handled and worked. I have had a few other pump guns inclueding the 870 and Win 1300 but the best for the money has to be the Ithaca, at least from where I shoot from.
I now own and operate a laminated stock Canada Ducks Unlimited edition model 37, 3" chamber with screw in chokes.

Keep takin those shooting lessons, I think they're helping cause your starting to get some tail feathers.
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