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The MWA is currently is almost 3/4 of its way to achieving the pledge goal of $150,000 as of 4pm today. They have extended the deadline.

To clarify something important---There is about $90 k of past debt of which a substantial portion was for engineering services for habitat projects that were completed. Meaning it was for wetland restoration/enhancement. So if you indeed pledge, a good portion would go for habitat that has been done already.

And just like you most likely have a saving account, just for in case, well that is what the MWA reserve fund is for--so we can keep the org in the black for at least a year, hopefully a lot longer so there will be NO MORE gloom and doom, but rather a much brighter future for the MWA once again.

So with the past debt paid having been paid off, and the Org financially in order, when we reach the $150,000 mark, the MWA will indeed be an effective waterfowl organization helping the hunters and habitat in MN once again.

I believe that some of you have already pledged to financially help out, how about the rest of you hunters pitching in too?

Please pledge a $ amount, be it $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or whatever amount you can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated. This is a pledge, and would not be billed for in about a month, and ONLY if we reach the $150,000 goal which would ensure a revitalized MWA for the future!

Please call 763-553-2977 m-f days with your pledge, or leave a message on the recorder if you will help to reenergize your MN Waterfowl Assn. with a contribution.

Thank you,

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