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Winchester Wasteway, Moses Lake

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I have been hunting the Winchester Wasteway now for many years. But in the last two years I have seen a real drop in the number of ducks that use this as a staging area. Locals and others that hunt the area have told me that the birds are using a different flight pattern due to the lack of crops planted two years ago in the area. This year I have done well with geese but again poorly on ducks. I just don't see the early morning flights of mallards that I once regularly saw each morning all the years prior to two years ago. Anyone out there hunt this area or have any comments or suggestions as to where this "new flight pattern" is? Locals have mentioned that the ducks are using a southernly pattern towards Royal City? Any truth is this? Thanks! DawgMD
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I was amazed at all the birds you guys had when we hunted the pot holes big water early in the season but it has got slow there too, I think the bulk of Northerns just aren't here yet.
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