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Duck Calls: RNT MVP, RNT Original(acrylic),RNT Original(Cocobola) RNT Short Barrel(acrylic), RNT Tmbre(Bois D' Arc), Echo Timbre, Foiles Strait Meat Mallard, Duck Commander Reacher.

Goose Calls: Foiles Canadian Classic, Foiles Straitmeat Honker, Rainman Acrylic, Rainman Snow Goose, B&W Bull w/long insert, Illusion Snow Goose, Buck Gardner Snow Goose, Tim Grounds Poly Mag, P.S. Olt A-50, Knight n Hale Magnum Clucker.

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duck-rnt rednek,rnt quakhead,northern prairie mallard single, echo timber, rotens vortex, flextone double reed mallard, remington double reed wingmaster,lohman gold single, hs black ice, cut down timber coco-arcrylic, buck gardner 3in1,hs teal whistle,lohman pintail whistle,primos yo sista,primos fat lady,primos high roller, duck commander brown sugar, the mule, and black pepper, faulks wa-33, roy roads duck slayer,buck gardner double nasty, and 3 or 4 more that ill have to look at next time im in my den. goose-knight and hale magnum clucker, primos the mother, lohman gold series, primos snow goose call, and a shure shot something or other.

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The collection....

Giden comp call (red acrylic)
Giden open water (Cocobola)
Giden open water (hedge)

Rowdy Doa the following calls,

Double Trouble (coco/Ivory acrylic)
new Single reed ( Ivory acrylic)
Xtreme ( Ivory acrylic)
Xtreme (bourbon and water acrylic)
Xtreme (red and black Acrylic)
Xtreme (Hedge)

RNT MVP (Mallard acrylic)
RNT original(smoke Acrylic)
RNT Short barrel (Hedge)

Swamp thing original (Red neck acrylic)
Swamp thing timber (green acrylic)

Allan Stanley Deceiver ( Green Clear acrylic)
Rivermallard comp call ( purple clear acrylic)
Fowl language comp call ( Green/clear )
Betts comp call ( purple clear)
Foggy bottom duck call ( maple/ blue acrylic)
Primos Phat ladie (black clear/acrylic)
primos Phat ladie poly
billcollector poly
lohmon Bill Harper promodel 400 (My first call.)
Art beauchhamp open water (oak/del)
cuttdown game calls series one (Ivory acrylic) It is still for sale $35
and a host of other polys and wood calls by differant makers some I know some I don't, but I don't want to list them all.

Pegesis Diablo (red acrylic)
Pegasis Jaguar (blue acrylic)
Hammerdown fatty (Black/yellow acrylic)
Foiles SMH (smokeAcrylic)
Kodiak (cocobola)
Foggy bottom game calls Storm (delrin)
Rowdy DOA short reed (coco/Ivory acrylic)

Next to add on the list a Zinc power hen for sure.


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Betts acrylic hybrid timber
Betts cocobolo timber
Fowl Language acrylic timber
Fowl Language cocobolo/ acrylic
Rowdy-DOA acrylic double trouble
Timber Boss cocobolo timber
Echo boisdarc timber
Gaston acrylic field
Gaston cocobolo timber
RNT hunter bocote
RNT quackhead timber
Kwack Wacker poly
Two Echo poly timbers
Two duck commanders
Three Haydels calls
Cutt-Down calls cocobolo acrylic

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:thumbsup: RNT Daisy Cutter
:thumbsup: QuackHead
:thumbsup: Old Camo RNt Call
:thumbsup: Old RNT not sure wat it is?? costum made
:thumbsup: Primos Yo sista
Primos woodduck
Primos Wench
:thumbsup: Duck Commander Whistle and Mallard drake
Duck Commander brown sugar
:thumbsdown: Duck Commander dc 300
:thumbsdown: Duck Commander dc 200
Haydel's VTM90
Haydels teal call
Haydels greyduck call

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Duck calls:

Haydels vtm 90 double reed ***** 10 bucks
RNT Quackhead single reed *** 30 bucks
Sure Shot 650 mallard double reed ***** 6 bucks
H.S. Specialties Bill Collector Signature Series **** 30 bucks
Big River Classic double reed **** 15 bucks
Primos Nag single reed * 10 Bucks
Primos Power Drake ***** 5 bucks
Total: 106 bucks

Goose Calls:
Big River Long Honker ***** 30 bucks
Haydels H-81 Honker **** 15 bucks
Haydels Blackfoot shortreed *** 30 bucks
Knight&Hale Double Clucker *** 20 bucks
Sure Shot Snow/Blue goose call ** 6 bucks
Hunters Specialties Snow/Speck Slammer ***** 15 bucks
Haydels Magnum Snow Goose *** 10 bucks

I can't believe I spent that much on that many calls. If I could go back, I'd have only bought about half of those calls.

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RNT Original Acrylic Blue Devil
Tim Grounds Clearly the goose talk
Tim Grounds Finisher whistle
Primos yo sista Polly

I gave away a bunch of cheaper calls this year, these are the calls that I actually take with me into the field. No more double reeds for me. I really like the primos yo sista and phat lady. I can't quite get my expensive RNT to sound as good quietly for finishing work.

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