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your first duck

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what was all of yalls first ducks you ever shot? mine was a wiegon hen
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drake mallard followed by 2 drake greenwings. my first hunt.
mine waas a green wing teel
drake gadwall. My little brothers was a drake gaddy also.
1969 - Drake GW Teal on my 23rd shot of the morning.
I think mine was a male wiegon.
I first thing ever to shoot was a snow goose, I shot it with my dads double barrel, and my first banded duck was a hen mallard.
mine was a hen shoveler.

a coot....

just kidding, it was a widgeon.
My first duck was a drake woody
My first duck was a Wood duck drake.
I've got no idea what my first duck was. think it was a cross of something.

2 hens though
first duck that I could identify was a gw teal drake and a mallard hen[/img][/i]
mine was a sponny it runs in the family it was my granpa's first my dads
and my uncles so thats my first duck
Hen Mallard on Kids day in 1996 with a bonus.. band :getdown:
a male bufflo head
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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