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Youth Hunt Days

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When is the youth hunt for your state? What state? Do you/have you praticipate(ed)? Tell us about 'em.
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Ours is one week before the normal season, and it is only the weekend. It is usually the last week in Sept. I shot my banded duck during that season, but I can't hunt the youth season anymore, its for 12-16 yr. olds.
In TN we have ours after the regular season, and one week later is the one in Alabama. This is usually when we kill the most birds cause it is usually the coldest. In cold and nasty weather we do the best!
in MD its in october sumtime. i never did it and i cant anymore because its for kids under 16
In MI I want to say it's liek the last weekend of early season. So like Sept 17-18 or somethin like that. It's for 12 to 16. I get to sneak in there. I turn 17 Dec 1. One more year of cheep licenses. :thumbsup:

Ours is saturday & sunday.
Ours starts a week before our season start but only on Saturday and a goose last year and I didn't even find out about the youth season was open until about 3:00 P.M., just went and jump shot him! :mrgreen:
MN , last year i hunted the squaw lake region in northern MN. I shot 2 female mallards , 4 woodies and 1 gwt best year so far limited out . :salude: :thumbsup: :getdown:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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