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Taking my 9 year old nephew on his first turkey hunt in April. Should be a good time, we have a couple different spots we are scouting but haven't decided which one to take yet. It sure helps to have a 9 year old along when you go knocking on doors!!! Just give 'em the puppy dog eyes and it's "sure no problem". Was a little worried about him handling the big shells but he rode the recoil pretty well when we were patterning it. Doesn't hurt that the Mossberg has ported barrels either. Now if I can just make sure I remember how to call one in!! :toofunny:
Any one else turkey hunting this spring? Good luck and please share any tips. I may think I'm an expert but I'm atleast willing to admit that there is always something new to learn. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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