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I've got both Zink duck calls, and I love both of them. Here is my opinion of both:

XR-2 Paralyzer - Absolutely the 'duckiest' call I (emphasis on I) have ever blown. It is so ducky that most people accustomed to single reed or lightly tuned double reed calls would probably hate it the first time they blow it. It takes more air, or should I say a 'different air presentation' to blow. The first time I blew mine I didn't like it. But the more I messed with it and listened to it, the more I liked it. I (emphasis on I) think it sounds more like a REAL DUCK than any other call I've ever heard. You'll have a hard time gettting 'sound effects' out of it than you will other calls, but then again most ducks don't make those 'sound effects' anyway. So if you just want to sound like a duck, and aren't worried about impressing 'good callers' that you hunt with, then the XR-2 is an awesome call.

Power Hen - Man, this call is sweet. While I should probably just stick with the XR-2, I like the versatility and volume of a single reed. I guess it is like many things in life, there are things that you need and things that you want. I want to be able to sound just like a duck on a single reed. I have a RNT Daisy Cutter and Timbre. The Power Hen is like a cross between the two, but closer to the DC. It takes very little air to operate (like the Timbre), but it has more volume and rasp like the DC. If you like your Timbre and Short Barrel (which is close to a DC) calls, you'll love the Power Hen. Guaranteed!

Both of the Zink duck calls share some common traits that I really, really like:

* The mouth piece on the barrel has a big lip that make it easier to get a good seal on your mouth.

* They utilize o-rings to seal the connection between the barrel and insert. You don't have to worry about losing either end of this call, at least not under normal circumstances.

* They are substantial calls. By this I mean they look and feel solid. If you hold either call, but especially the Power Hen, in one hand and an acrylic call from another, you'll be amazed. Those two calls feel like five pound weights on my lanyard.

* They are just flat-out, good looking calls. Some of the first comments I get on both of them are concerning their looks. The pictures on their web site do NOT do them justice.

Zink talks about being all about realism, and it is evident by the calls he puts on the market. I own three custom calls by Zink right now, and I can guarantee you that I'll be buying more.

You can tell I like Zink calls, huh? Having said all that, those Pureduck calls are awful nice too. They'll be more like your Timbre call. Quiet, nasally. Awesome calls.

If you want to hear both of them in action, check out the following links.

For Zink duck calls, click on:

then select "Zink - Mallards Gone Wild" from the list on the left. Then select "Duck Calling Sequence" from the list on the right. Then click on the "Play" button. It is an actual hunting sequence of Zink and his crew calling ducks using the XR-2 and the Power Hen. The softer sounds you hear are the Power Hen. The nasty old hen in the background, as well as the feeding sounds, are the XR-2.

For the Pureduck calls, click on:

the select "Keith Allen" from the list on the left. Either of the tracks listed on the right are done with Pureduck calls.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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