New Sitka Waterfowl Gear: Turning Clothing into Gear

December 2, 2013 by  


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2 Comments on "New Sitka Waterfowl Gear: Turning Clothing into Gear"

  1. William on Fri, 10th Oct 2014 10:05 pm 

    Third weekend of ND duck season. I am hunting Ducks geese pheasants and grouse.
    I hunted around mcville area two weekends ago when ur it was 80^ degrees. Me and I brother shot 16 ducks and 8 geese that weekend. I am taking my daughter for her first hunt where she’ll be “hopefully shooting some birds”. This will also be my second hunt with my first bird dog that actually received well last time.

    I will update you tomorrow evening with number of birds bagged.
    Good luck hunters and be safe and ethical hunters!!

  2. Maria on Mon, 9th Nov 2015 4:40 pm 

    Thats cute! I have a tom turkey that tnikhs he is a chicken. Since his mate got killed by coyotes, the turkey started hanging out with the chickens and he seems to think that one of the roosters is his special friend. The rooster not so sure.

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